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Bubble Football

It´s football but way more fun! It´s bump or get bumped in this awesome evolution of the great old game! Should you play with a goalie or is maybe an all-out attack with all players the way to go? It´s football meets Total Wipe-out! You may try staying on your feet but the fun begins when the ride starts to get bumpy!

Bubble Hunger Games

Are you quick as a cat or strong like a bull? Can you find the perfect strategy to stay alive in this war of the bubbles? Find your inner Katniss and conquer the field by being the last team/player standing!

Protect the president

Can you like Jack Bauer protect your president at all cost? It´s all over if you lose your president! Do you have what it takes to bump your way to glory and fame?

More? Yes there is more!

Do you like racing your friends while wearing a bubble, oh and being allowed to knock them over while you’re at it? Are you maybe more of a big fish in a large pond of bubbles, itching to stamp your authority on the group? Can you roll with the best of them while going head to head with the others? We have loads of awesome games incorporating the bubbles! Get in contact and we will make your day awesome!

What our clients say

My hen party had a really enjoyable experience with Bubble Football Iceland! Their facilitators are really friendly and funny! It was clearly one of the highlights from our hen party in Iceland! Can´t recommend them enough!

Sarah Hill Hen party

Thank you so much Bubble Football for giving me and my stag group such an unforgettable good time! Great service tailored specially for our group! Thumbs up!

Patrick Karl Stag party

It was an awesome experience booking our event with Bubble Football Iceland. It was super easy to book a session with them, and their facilitators managed all the games with enthusiasm and great humor. We had such an awesome time, and I would definitely recommend Bubble Football Iceland to everyone!

Sunna Magnusdottir Lidsheild team building company

Thanks so much for the fun time! It was really fun playing bubble football and a whole host of other games with you guys. Your facilitators were very well trained and organized the games extremely professionally. It was so fun bumping one another with the bubbles. We would definitely recommend other colleagues and friends to play bubble football!

Jon Carlson Corporate event

About us

Bubble football takes fun to a whole new level! The concept is simple: the players are wearing big transparent bubbles and have to bump into each other in order to clear their way! Bump or get bumped!

Bubble football Iceland was founded in 2013 and we have in that time innovated the game and added many other fun games and different variations to bubble football.

Bubble football was created by Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad, two crazy Norwegians, who thought soccer would be much more fun if the players were enclosed inside giant bubbles made of transparent plastic. The first match was shown on Norwegian television at the end of 2011 (more as a joke than anything else), but after viewing it on YouTube, it became the new craze all over Europe.